About The Dark Swarm

What kind of members are in The Dark Swarm?


We have and welcome all types of players in The Dark Swarm!

Though we aim to recruit people ages 18+, we do occasionally make exceptions.

We have a lot of members who are serving/ have served in the various Military branches, and aim to always be a home for them to come back to whenever duty allows them some playtime.

Many of our members are alt-o-holics, and we do not have restrictions in place for how many characters you have in the guild. Bring them all in!

Many of us have raiding experience, quite a few of us have raided Heroics (now Mythics). A lot of ex- raiders join us due to schedules not allowing them to be in a hardcore guild, or they just want something a bit more relaxing out of their playtime.

We have PvPers, mostly casual. We almost always have someone online doing BGs. A few of us enjoy casual Arena as well.

A large amount of members enjoy achievement hunting- who doesn't like cool mounts and awesome titles?

We have various types of collectors. Many of us enjoy the pet aspect of the game, and collect and battle with them. Some are transmog hunters, and strive to look the very best on all of their characters. Others collect mounts.

We have quiet members and social members- if you aren't chatty but still want a stable home, that's fine!

With the vast amount of personalities in our guild, you're sure to find a place with us. Whether you are a stay at home mom/ dad, retired, work or go to college full/ part time, have an erratic schedule, or just log on for an hour before bed- you're welcome to join our growing family.

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