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A History of The Dark Swarm


I started playing WoW after a long struggle with myself, knowing I had an addictive personality when it came to videogames- mainly RPGs and the sort. I broke down when I realized WoW was exactly what I was looking for in that time of my life- and dragged my fiance into it with me, as I did with most games I played during our relationship. He and I still play to this day, in the guild we started together- and here is a history of how it all began... 

We started playing during the earlyish-middle of the Burning Crusade expansion. I decided that I wanted my own guild, not sure if it was from being a manager in retail for so many years, or just wanting a safe place to learn the game in with friends. We originally started as Horde, and I named the guild 'Dark Swarm' after an ability in StarCraft, the first and only Blizzard game I had played prior to WoW. The original guild is still in existence, and still on Horde.

I gathered a group of RL friends, and some friends from past games, and we recruited anyone from there. We met a lot of people from defending Crossroads (lol), and became friends, and eventually they joined the guild. During this time we were extremely casual, leveling, playing alts, and of course, PvPing. As our numbers grew, and Wrath of the Lich King was announced and the info released, we became an even tighter knit guild.

We eventually decided that when Wrath released we would try to get a raid team together and dabble in that aspect of the game that we hadn't really touched prior. We started in Naxx, and did rather well for a ragtag group of pretty much first- time raiders. We were considered 10-man Strict when that was a thing, and took pride in it. Even though we weren't anywhere near competitive, it was still cool being ranked high for the kills with the gear we were using.

We raided all the way until the end of the expansion, but had issues with the raid team, so we didn't get to down Arthas. After a bit of inner turmoil, I decided that I was going to faction transfer to Alliance. In the past we had made an Alliance guild, then called 'DarkSwarm', during some downtime, and had alts in it. I decided to rebuild and expand upon what we had created Hordeside with that guild. I eventually changed the guild name to the better, current format. We continued to grow, adding many new friends who are with us to this day, and many old guildies trickled over to join us through the years. I have not regretted my decision to move my main faction to Alliance.

Near the end of Cataclysm, we finally rebuilt a raid team and burned through the content until the end of Firelands, when a few no- shows caused the team to crumble. During Pandaria we continued to grow, but we never formed a raid team, instead, focusing on the other aspects of the game.

During Warlords, we decided to stop trying to recruit for a raid team, and focus on the guild's roots- what made us strong. We are looking for people to connect with, become friends with. People we could venture into Legion and beyond with. From there we will build a raid team, while embracing people abandoned in dead or dying guilds, people wanting to start fresh, people with hectic schedules... people who just want to enjoy the game without pressure and stress!

We hope you will come join us and help us grow even stronger!

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