Future Events- Raffles, Lotteries, and More!


Getting tons of awesome new members, come join us to be one of them! We will be adding fun events soon, with the chance to win prizes! Join now so you can participate in them- and bring your friends!

We will be holding Raffles, Lotteries, and Contests, just to name a few of the events we are planning!

 Queen of the Spirit Beasts

RIP, Soul Tempest, my real- life Loque'nahak

We are also working on a reward system for guildies who are super active in helping other guildies and the guild itself in growing and being able to provide items and such that guildies are in need of come legion.

Would like to get certain nights set up for game nights/ fun nights.

Join and let Dark Swarm be your new gaming home and family. :)

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